THE dream is over, as someone once said. Well, I’ve woken up now and have decided to start afresh (again). The hope is some of you who once enthusiastically read a now-defunct publication will casually pick this one off the newsstand, if only out of curiosity. My own role in that deceased daily means many will already know what to expect. I shall continue to deliver the goods in the manner to which you have become accustomed – though the delivery will be down to me and me alone.

The aborted relaunch of the previous periodical was a false start, but the fate of this one is very much in my own hands. The fact is I have other things in my life that I regard as far more important than commenting on a current event. Therefore, when I feel sufficiently fired-up to write about a specific subject hogging the headlines as well as one that has yet to feature on the radar, I shall do so. Sometimes, it will be a daily delivery; on other occasions, it will be every alternate day. I cannot say which way the wind will blow, even when the nation’s curry-houses have closed their doors for the evening.

No subject will be off-limits, however contentious, though the hope is that the comments any post attracts, whatever the subject, will be above playground-taunting and name-calling. There are enough outlets for that on the inter-web, and this will not be yet another. Let’s face it, life’s too bloody short, so let’s make what’s left of it worth living by engaging in conversation and debate that lifts us out of the pit.

If those who are familiar with my work are reading this, I welcome your anticipated interjections, as your wit and wisdom will be at home here. So, let’s look forward rather than back. All that needs to be said has been said when it comes to particular topics; and there are numerous subjects that are equally deserving of our ire. Let’s do it to them before they do it to us.

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