OrangeIn a way, it’s the ultimate ‘benign’ state censorship – suppressing a story from the public lest its release have repercussions that lead to further problems with a problematic situation. It’s not as though this is anything new; the 30-year secrecy rule in this country means there are many things we only learn of long after those involved are dead and gone. However, these usually relate to political machinations and merely confirm what had long been suspected albeit without evidence to back up the suspicions. Minutes of clandestine Cabinet meetings in which Michael Heseltine disagreed with Mrs T or confirmation there was collusion between Special Branch and Unionist politicians in Northern Ireland aren’t exactly earth-shattering revelations; besides, they are already history.

What was belatedly revealed by Swedish authorities this week, that almost 40 separate allegations of sexual assault – including rape – had been reported at a Stockholm music festival in both 2014 and 2015, seemed an especially unedifying example of a police cover-up at the highest level due to the fact that the newly-released reports referred to the perpetrators of these crimes as ‘so-called refugee youths, specifically from Afghanistan’.

Sweden is a country that has experienced a high level of immigration from the Middle East in recent years, and harmonious integration is often a sensitive, delicate process when several far-right political groups are waiting for any immigrant to make a wrong step so they can be held up as a stereotypical primitive barbarian. That could be one possible reason as to why these reports haven’t been made public until now. Alas, the appalling, seemingly organised assaults that took place in Cologne over the New Year have forced the hand of the Stockholm Police, and this particular experiment in benign state censorship has backfired badly.

Events in Cologne, in which it is alleged gangs of young male immigrants emanating from North Africa and the Middle East apparently coordinated an operation with military-like precision to target hundreds of young German women enjoying the New Year festivities, have brought the wisdom of Angela Merkel’s ‘open door’ immigration policy into question. It is often customary for married men to traverse the refugee route alone, summoning their families to their new homeland only when they have secured employment and accommodation; but the sheer scale of those fleeing the likes of Syria is so high that this custom has been in danger of creating a scenario wherein the man/woman ratio is disproportionate; add unemployment and too many young men with too much time on their hands to the mix and the recipe is potentially combustible.

Various theories for the behaviour of testosterone-fuelled young male immigrants let loose on sexually-liberated Western Europe have been suggested, with one being the culture they have been raised in relegating women to subservient, second-class citizens is to blame. Confronted by scantily-clad native women for the first time, the tendency is to react as though they’ve just entered a 24-hour brothel in which the dress sense of young girls has been designed solely to titillate the libidos of men more familiar with female flesh being wrapped in swathes of impenetrable armour. Were that true, how does it explain the motivation of native young men who have committed similar sexual assaults when they have been raised in a culture that has none of the restrictions placed upon the sartorial uniform of women that is commonplace in hardline Islamic states?

The notion that any nation south of the Mediterranean Sea is utterly isolated from western influence is to deny the power of satellite television and cultural colonialism, whether Coco-Cola or Hip-Hop; the latter, of course, is renowned for its positive, liberal view of the female sex, and it is feasible that three decades of an international conversation about bitches and hoes has gradually penetrated the thought processes of young men the world over.

Again, however, hordes of horny, drunken young men whose conditions can easily spark into gang-rape should the opportunity present itself didn’t exactly arrive as a social problem when NWA released their first album. For example, the inspiration for a notorious scene in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was inspired by the memory of Anthony Burgess’s wife being raped by a bunch of drunken GIs during the Second World War.

Despite what the Feminazi manifesto would have us believe, not all men are rapists, just some; equally, not all immigrants are rapists, just some. The occasional pissing contest groups of young men indulge in when the alcohol has sent the blood rushing to their dicks is something as old as civilised society; they can let off steam by fighting each other, damaging property or certifying their masculinity by taking any stray devotchka who happens to wander unknowingly into their orbit. If, as Swedish politician Paula Bieler has suggested, young male immigrants require education as to what constitute western social values, this implies the problem is solely due to cultural differences, which – as history has taught us – it isn’t.

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4 thoughts on “BOYS WILL BE BOYS

  1. “Despite what the Feminazi manifesto would have us believe, not all men are rapists.”

    It has been enlightening, albeit rather unedifying, reading on various blogs and forums, the attitude of so many of these Feminazis towards the horrific sexual assaults in Europe. In short it seems to boil down to the following.

    (1) In the world according to the politically correct “Social Justice Warrior” race/ethnicity trumps gender/sexuality every time.

    (2) The mantra that there is NEVER any excuse for rape, unwanted sexual behaviour, touching etc, and that the victim must ALWAYS be believed, applies, of course, only to those horrible, nasty, misogynistic white, western/European men. The SJW’s seem perfectly happy to blame the victims, so long as the perpetrators happen to look a lot like those poor, unfortunate, lovely, friendly economic migrants err, sorry, I mean refugees, you know the ones that the BBC are always wringing their hands about!

    (3) If, as a white western male, you have the audacity to dare to, politely, point out to them their own hypocrisy/double standards on this matter, you will find yourself having to endure a truelly hate filled onslaught on the most vile name calling! It seems that, according to them, I am a ring wing racist, facist, Nazi, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, sexist, colonialist, Imperialist, “White Privileged” hate monger (Oh the irony!) who is probably a serial killer or maybe a paedophile or both! Well, at least it makes a change from being called a Marxist, or a Socialist or a rabid Trot, as was the want of one or two of the denizens of our former virtual hostelry!

    Phew! Right now, I’m going for a must needed lay down in a darkened room, with a lovely stiff drink and the wonderful, irreplaceable Bowie on the headphones!!!

    Best wishes,

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    1. It is remarkable how pathetic the response has been from the supposedly-egalitarian professional left due to the fact the perpetrators of these assaults weren’t the great evil white male of the Feminazi imagination. Must have thrown them into such an existential turmoil!


  2. The ‘let loose in a free sweet-shop’ scenario is certainly relevant – I went to an all-boys school and, once the testosterone started to bite, whenever attending gatherings with large numbers of teenaged girls, the temptation to behave in similar ways was strong. What moderated our group-behaviour was the knowledge that any such conduct would not be tolerated by our ‘authorities’, i.e. parents, families, teachers or police: the penalty would not be worth any potential perceived pleasure.
    The key problem in Muslim societies (because it is primarily a Muslim issue – there, I’ve said it) is that, broadly speaking, their boy-children can do no wrong – as long as they pay adequate public respect to their elders, they can get away with pretty much anything outside the home. So, if you put these men in a ‘sweet-shop’ situation, whether that is a large public gathering with many tempting females or running a late-night takeaway or taxi operation being visited by lonely and troubled youngsters, then there is no perceived downside to giving full rein to the hormonal urges.
    As with the Rotherham-type cases (of which there are many more still unexposed), the real scandal is how so many ‘authorities’, both public-sector and media, have known about the situation for decades but have conspired in a cynical scheme of silence ‘for the greater good of community relations’, thus allowing it to continue unabated. That the same has happened in Sweden and Germany is no surprise: that it has now finally broken cover should be taken as an opportunity to address the root-cause of the problem at source.
    Although it’s a Muslim issue, it’s not an issue with Islam – the religion itself is quite innocent in this. It’s simply about how the embedded culture of the Muslim family enables its menfolk to behave in ways which we in the Western world find unacceptable. Only when that family-culture attitude issue has been changed can this problem be on the way to a solution.


    1. It is true there are certain societies in which the son is the golden child; commonplace on the Indian Subcontinent as well as China, from what I’ve read, certainly if the stories of enforced miscarriages of female foetuses are anything to go by.


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