Andy CappBilly Connolly once observed that, regardless of some within it purporting to be ‘at one with the People’, showbiz wasn’t real life; if it was then a joiner fixing a table would be top of the bill at the London Palladium. I remembered this quote (which, alas, I’m forced to paraphrase) when a music press rumour in the early 1990s claimed that a member of Scouse ‘baggy’ band The Farm had hired a less-affluent friend’s council flat for an interview with a London journalist, in order to pass it off as his own and therefore maintain their contrived image as being ‘the People’s band’. Regardless of their presumed dole-queue origins, such tactics when a degree of commercial success has been achieved are as crass and phony as David Cameron pretending to enjoy a pasty.

Which brings us nicely to our old pal and Keeper of the Socialist Flame, Mr Corbyn. I suppose by being incapable of resisting the urge to criticise him again means I’m part of the media conspiracy with its avowed mission to ‘get’ Jeremy, but he does set himself up for it, alas. How we – The People – cheered last week when Jezza was pictured by a wide-eyed volunteer member of his PR team apparently sat on the floor of a jam-packed, crowded commuter train, suffering for our sins, showing solidarity with the workers by spurning a private first-class compartment and highlighting the plight of passengers deprived of seats on our overcrowded and over-expensive rail network. What a guy! He’s One of Us!

Only, the owner of the train in question, Virgin, today revealed that CCTV footage from Corbyn’s carriage tells a rather different story. Now, of course, Virgin is the company of that Thatcherite Blairite capitalist cheerleader, Richard bloody Branson, who’s clearly part of the conspiracy himself; but we’ll overlook that fact for the moment. Apparently, what the CCTV footage reveals contradicts Corbyn’s theatrical martyr act by showing him and his posse strolling past vacant and unreserved seats in order to find a suitably uncomfortable corner to capture Jezza’s empathetic gesture for commuters/potential voters.

Having done his duty, the director of this fantasy flick yelled ‘cut’, after which Jeremy and gang easily located some comfy chairs to recline in for a good couple of hours before the train arrived at its destination, their work done. What the media – AKA the Guardian – and Jezza’s social media disciples got was precisely what Corbyn’s puppet-masters wanted them to get; and, naturally, they fell for it. The fact that evidence has emerged that proves the whole incident was a choreographed stunt of a kind that all politicians – yes, even St Jeremy – indulge in won’t be accepted, however. It’ll be written off as just another attempt by the establishment elite to blacken Corbyn’s character. Basically, a photo could appear on the front of the Morning Star showing Jezza sharing a bottle of the most astronomically-priced plonk on the market with Prince Charles on board Sir Philip Green’s yacht and they’d still be in denial.

Once an image has been created and circulated, it can be hard to live up to, though that doesn’t prevent the myth-makers behind the scenes doing their damndest to maintain the illusion. Dusty Springfield’s sexuality was always suspected though publicly denied; in the 60s, her team would arrange for her to be photographed at events arm-in-arm with clean-cut and hunky male pop star Eden Kane, complete with ‘are they or aren’t they getting engaged’ gossip drip-fed to the journos present.

The Hollywood publicity machine was in permanent overdrive doing likewise for Rock Hudson at a time when he was so deep in the closet that he practically had one foot in Narnia. In less enlightened eras, such subterfuge was understandable, but now that cynicism accompanies every step a politician takes, who is really surprised at the exposure of Jezza’s cheap shot at playing One of the People? Corbyn’s Svengali Squad knew the billions who’ve supposedly signed-up to Team Jeremy in the last few months would buy it because it was what they wanted to believe, but the general public?

The detachment between People and the person in the spotlight begins the moment the spotlight falls upon them. Corbyn can take to a stage and receive the rapturous reception from his acolytes that was once the preserve of rock stars; none of his acolytes can do likewise, so there’s an instant divide between him and them straight away. Director Richard Lester cleverly played upon this in the Beatles’ film ‘Help!’, when the Fab Four are observed by a couple of housewives heading for their respective front doors in the homes situated next to each other on the same red-bricked terrace; once said housewives have commented how nice it is that John, Paul, George and Ringo haven’t left their working-class roots behind, we see the view from the other side of those four doors and discover they are merely a facade and it’s actually one huge house with four doors side-by-side.

Lester and The Beatles knew it was a fallacy to pretend any member of the band would still be travelling on public transport or popping down to the local corner shop for a packet of fags without being bothered by the real People. And if they knew that fifty years ago, why doesn’t Jeremy Corbyn now?

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  1. T’was indeed a different world 50 years ago – how many ever saw Harold Wilson, aka ‘man-of-the-people’, relaxing of an evening with his favourite drink and smoke (a Brandy and a large cigar), compared to the popularly-managed image of the Gannex raincoat, a pint of bitter and an honest, working-class pipe ? Those were days of deference and limited scope for exposure. Wilson was no more a man-of-the-people than Cameron, but it was always harder for Cameron to carry off the pantomime deceit, given his background and demeanour.
    But when all the world carries a smart-phone with the capacity to explode manifest myths in micro-seconds, it is quite astonishing that Corbyn and his amateur PR folk ever believed that their ruse would not be exposed, especially when they were taking a political side-swipe at someone like the PR professional that Branson is. Given a choice who to take on in a PR slanging-match, Branson would be a long way down the list of preferences for an easy fight.

    That said, few of St Jeremy’s converts will be dissuaded, as they are followers of a faith, not a rational political choice – just like all faiths, their sandy foundations can be easily exposed by any critical examination, yet their followers are usually blinded to any such inconvenient truths by the rhetoric to which they have so willingly subscribed. In the battle for hearts & minds, Jeremy does hearts first and hopes the minds will follow – history is not on his side, as that’s only ever a minority game.

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  2. Surely the fact that he was travelling on a morning train from London to the North – hardly the diretion travelled by most commuters at that time – instantly undermines his claim to be experiencing what hapless commuters have to endure. This all seems highly reminiscent of baconsandwichgate – Ed Miliband’s failed attempt to eat plebs’ food in order to burnish (or even establish) his street cred.

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    1. Spin, of course, is not about truth, it’s about the impression it creates. The original ‘crouched on a corridor-floor reading Private Eye’ message was in its implication that JC had ‘suffered’ that state for the whole journey – it is now accepted that he was seated for most of the journey. The damage to JC, if any, is in that deceptive message, not the various versions or timescales of the truth.
      If JC is smart, he’ll tell his people to let it drop asap, as there’s no political benefit once that ‘perception deception’ has been exposed.


  3. It’s an interesting dynamic, what with Branson weighing in on it, and so promptly. I have the impression Branson is not quite the cuddly bearded philanthropists he likes to portray himself as. No, I think quite the opposite: he’s a ruthless corporatist bastard. But the thing about Corbyn is simply that he is not particularly bright. He is thick. “The People” know this, hence the endless and wickedly barbed mockery of him on “social media”. He would have been a gift to Spitting Image – or too easy? meanwhile, he highlights a real problem for a country. He has his hard core acolytes who believe he is The Messiah, but he and they stand more or less for everything the traditional Labour voters believe in. So what is the solution? Owen Smith? Another dunce. This is the man who watches the erstwhile Labour core supporters drag themselves out of their northern houses and drive in their white vans to the polling booths to vote for “Brexit” – and what does he advocate: anything to stop Brexit, and, while we are at it, apart from the stupidity, thereby implicitly recognising that he does not regard a democratic process as valid,if it produces a result which he and the Islington Set disagree with. Fortunately or unfortunately, as depends on your point of view, both of these no marks will be irrelevant. The pace of historic change to Europe has begun, and it will be fast and not at all nice.

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    1. “[…] what with Branson weighing in on it, and so promptly. […]”

      Promptly? The “incident” occured almost 2 weeks ago. Seems like he took his time and double-checked everything, as one would do when attempting to defend your company from a lying politician.

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