Better watch what you say in your comments today – disagree with me and I’ll be on the Hate Crime Hotline to PC PC; I’ll have you done for Petuniaphobia, and going by the new guidelines outlined by the Old Bill and their comrades-in-compassion the Clown Prosecution Service, anything can be interpreted as online abuse. Much as some find ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ the funniest thing since sliced Del Boys whilst others would rather be trapped in a lift with Kelvin McKenzie than watch it, definitions of what constitutes a cyber Hate Crime are subjective. Latest statistics reveal the CPS successfully prosecuted over 15,000 ‘Hate Crime incidents’ in 2015-16, though the Hate Crime category is so wide-ranging that it can encompass everything from a long-running vicious vendetta in which death threats are regularly tossed about to the guy who made a joke YT video whereby he manipulated his girlfriend’s dog into making a Hitler salute.

The latter not only highlights the ludicrousness of criminalising comedy (see Paul Gascoigne), but also seems to tie-in with the concerted clampdown on free speech that is well in advance of us on the other side of the Atlantic. An intended free speech rally in Boston at the weekend was gatecrashed by thousands of so-called ‘anti-fascist’ protestors, including the masked left-wing anarchists who go by the name of Antifa; following the heaven-sent Twitter comments of Mr President in response to the trouble in Charlottesville the week before, I wonder if the Donald pointed out that the violence this time round emanated not from both sides, but just the one – i.e. the anti-fascists?

Amongst numerous tasteless tactics in evidence was hijacking the death of Heather Heyer – the one fatality of the drive-in at Charlottesville; the protestors half-inched her image in the same way some here exploited the murder of Jo Cox for their own loathsome ends last year. Now the ‘movement’ has its first martyr, and even the picture of Heyer which was worn like a piece of corporate protest merchandise had a distinct look of the airbrushed Che Guevara photo that was de rigueur for late 60s student bedsits. Whatever she may have been in life, Heather Heyer has now been immortalised as a brand name for the Alt Left. Her family must be so proud.

The rally itself was intended to be unashamedly conservative with a small ‘c’, though everyone attending was naturally labelled ‘white supremacist/KKK/racist’ etc. If you’re not with us, you’re against us; there’s no moderate middle ground in this New World Order. And the world that existed before it actually didn’t exist at all; remove all physical traces of it and it never happened; get Google in on the act and cyberspace follows suit. Simple Ministry of Truth principles apply today. The intolerant McCarthyism of the SJWs has already polluted US campuses and rendered them uncomfortably reminiscent of Chinese universities during the Cultural Revolution, and this mindset has now spilled over into so many facets of American life that anyone daring to lift their head above the PC parapet is shot down in a way that would constitute a Hate Crime were it the other way round.

Back in Blighty, a naive notion of equality whereby cultural, racial and sexual differences are deemed an unnecessary weapon of division is the mantra of the moment, whereas the accompanying word is ‘fluidity’. Schools now generate the fallacy that we’re all the same – something that extends to the school sports day, whereby everyone who competes receives equal billing. Of course, the quality of education a child receives still being dependent on whether or not its parents can afford to pay for the best makes a mockery of this philosophy; and outlawing competition amongst pupils hardly prepares them for the world beyond the playground when it remains a crucial element of the rat-race. Parents that have repeatedly told their offspring how special they are have had such praise reinforced by teachers, yet the insulated Telly Tubby Land these pampered potentates are eventually released from is hardly the ideal training camp for the absence of gormless optimism that awaits them.

As recent as four or five years ago, I would’ve regarded myself as very much on the left, and while I’m a long way from the right (I remain contemptuous of IDS and Gideon), I do feel somewhat stranded at the moment – a bit like one of those athletes in the Olympics who fly under no flag. Politically, I’m stateless. The humourless, censorious finger-wagging serial banners that have taken control of the left are to me no different from the Whitehouse/Muggeridge/Longford collective that once operated from a similar standpoint on the right. It matters not to me which side of the political divide these attitudes inhabit; they go against so many of my core beliefs, and if it is the left that currently exercise these restrictions of freedom of thought and speech, f**k ‘em. I reserve the right to criticise whoever I want to, whichever party of whichever colour they represent. And I can do that without resorting to name-calling Hate Crime.

One of the unfortunate offshoots of being told what one cannot think or say is that it creates a vacuum for rational and sensible debate, one that is then filled by the egotistical gobshites and professional contrarians who love the sound of their own voices – the kind that don’t possess the intelligence or humour of a Christopher Hitchens. As these are then perceived as the only ones who express an alternative opinion to the consensus, anyone who harbours an alternative is inevitably lumped in with them. I detest Hopkins as much as I detest Abbott, so where do I go? I may have voted Lib Dem at the last two General Elections, but that was for a decent constituency MP rather than any party allegiance, and Old Mother Cable carping on about a rerun of the EU Referendum is about as relevant to me today as calling for a repeal of the Corn Laws.

Equality cuts both ways; it doesn’t mean usurping those who kept minorities oppressed and then oppressing the usurped. It should mean everyone – whatever their political persuasion – being on a level playing field and all voices being heard. But, politically, it doesn’t work that way anymore than the Tsar being ultimately superseded by Stalin meant the Romanov’s palaces were burned to the ground and the ruling class of Bolsheviks set up home in a community of garden sheds. The aphrodisiac of power is as appealing to those who don’t have it as those reluctant to let it go; and I’ll still be out in the wilderness whichever side grabs it. In 2017, however, I think the wilderness is the most interesting place to be.

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  1. So where do you stand on Cable Street and not allowing fascists to have it their own way? Boston and Charlottesville are comparable to that. Or you think it’s ok to incite violence against the “out” group of your choosing?

    None of that is restriction to freedom of speech or thought. We already know what white supremacists/EDL think because they have told us already. What the counter demonstrations intend is to show those who are willing to take to the streets to support their opinions by bullying and intimidation that they won’t be allowed to use those tools to spread fear and hatred.

    And yes, Heather Heyer’s family are proud of her.



    1. As far as I can gather – and, like you, I wasn’t there – the rally on Saturday was for the conservative section of American society that has a right to be heard like everyone else; the invasion of protestors lumping everyone on the right in with the minority neo-Nazi/white supremacist/KKK crowd was a show of force that to me is as counter-productive as those they were supposedly protesting against. Fighting fire with fire may be seen by some as a means of making a point, but to me it’s no better a solution than what they oppose.

      Cable Street was 80 years ago or thereabouts and a different world altogether. Trump may be an arsehole, but he’s not Adolf; he’s not even Mosley. He’s a faux-Republican joke whose administration is falling apart at the seams without any input needed from the left. The fanaticism at the extreme ends of both sides is something I can’t distinguish between, and limitations on what we are ‘allowed’ to think or say at the moment is, from my perspective, coming not from the right but from the left. I’m not in favour of the EDL or their US equivalents, but I’m equally sick of what passes for the left in America which seems to have infiltrated certain public bodies here.

      If Tatchell can be no-platformed for ‘homophobia’ and Greer can receive the same treatment on the grounds of misogyny, what does that say about their sons and heirs? Any self-appointed authority telling me what I should think or say instinctively gets my back up because it takes me back to parents and teachers. I will always react against that, whichever direction it’s coming from.

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      1. The left didn’t back Hillary. The Democrats did. By no definition are they “left”. Who else was there. Berne Saunders.


      2. Bernie Saunders would have been a far more interesting proposition had he not been up against the Clinton juggernaut. I’ve nothing else to add, really. I think this post is me lashing out, in a way, on account of it not being an especially joyful point of my life right now; I appreciate all’s not brilliant for you either at the mo, so I shall leave it at that.


      3. Neither of us were there… but this might help us understand.

        You’re right in that sometimes both alternatives presented to us are shit. But when you only have two alternatives, sometimes you have to choose. I know the choice I make, feeling like crap or not.

        Finally, interesting that when a Moslem drives a car into people it’s terrorism. When a white supremacist does it, well, it’s just “unfortunate” and “justified”.

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      4. If these idiots keep on trying to violently oppose, overthrow and destroy our hard won democracy and free speech, to erase our history and that of all the sacrifices made, for better or worse, in order to get us to the place where we can enjoy these freedoms, then yes, I do know which side I’ll be on! Some of us will refuse to quietly and meekly sleepwalk into the Orwellian nightmare they have planned for us! Some of us have had considerable past experience of dealing with violent extremists, even with one hand tied behind our backs. These entitled, and oh so brave, millennials wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes in the Ardoyne back in 96 or Londonderry 97. To paraphrase the late, great, Bob Hoskins…”Antifa? I shit em!”

        P.s. There was a longer, about 5 minute version of this video, but YouTube chose to remove it!

        P.p.s. Also, please keep in mind the all too real possibility that we are, in fact, all been “played”, that the likes of Soros and the the other grandees of the NWO are using us all like pawns on a chessboard…

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  2. is a matter which I have observed with considerable concern, to say the least. There is a concerted effort to frustrate and shut down any view which does not conform to a certain “leftist” platform or agenda. I see a variety of tactics being used, but at the root it come down to this: if you disagree with open borders, the Democratic Party in the US, Labour (under Corbyn) or the EU – you are a Nazi. I find this particularly irritating for a number of reason.
    One is my family have left a considerable amount of their blood and entrails in European and Far Eastern soil fighting German imperialism and Nazism. Another is it’s so clearly a psychological tool swallowed by morons it’s fucking annoying. And (I could write a book about this) it’s the converse of the truth.
    Quite some time ago I read an essay by Dennis Wheatley, author of some rather salacious but epic novels about Satanism and so forth. he described the “Black Mass” in simple terms of everything that you would experience in a mass being inverted, turned up side down; do the crucifix is inverted and so forth. In other words, the opposite is used.
    Leave aside what you think about Satanism and whether you think it exists (it does). It’s the psychological inversion of the truth which I find so frustrating. Here are some facts:
    – Mussolini was a Marxist. Lenin was an admirer. Mussolini went the nationalist route, Lenin the internationalist.
    -Hitler was a socialist; the CLUE IS IN THE FUCKING NAME – National Socialist German Workers party. he bolted on some anti-semiticism for good measure, but that is what he was.
    -Both Bolshevism and Nazism believe in state control and supremacy. One directly, the other, at one step removed. It has control of the military industrial complex
    – There are clear links between the Democratic Party and the Nazis. The Nazis borrowed some of the then racist Democrat policies and – yes – watered then down.
    – An example. Hillary Clinton’s mentor was Robert Byrd. A noted KKK leader. I could do more about this, but I have stuff to do.
    On my twitter today someone posted a picture of an “Antifa” flag, and a Nazi flag. The resemblance was eerie.
    Finally, I am just going to add two comments. One: the internet commentator going by the name of Sargon of Akkad talks more sense than 99.9% of our Dear Leaders, for the person who called him a right wing zealot (see above) the last time I mentioned him, tough. Too bad. he is simply speaking truth to power.
    Second, I will leave a link to his most recent post below. Listen. Listen very carefully.


  3. ‘One of the unfortunate offshoots of being told what one cannot think or say is that it creates a vacuum for rational and sensible debate, one that is then filled by the egotistical gobshites and professional contrarians who love the sound of their own voices – the kind that don’t possess the intelligence or humour of a Christopher Hitchens.’ – of whom PJW, South Yorkshire’s number 1 ranting gobshite, is Top of the Pops.

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  4. It is often said that, if you’re not a socialist when you’re 20, you haven’t got a heart – and if you’re not a conservative when you’re 40, you haven’t got a brain.
    I only followed part of that path, moving on from my naive, unworldly, youthful inclinations to a more questioning middle and later age. That questioning led me to a conclusion that no ‘label’ accommodates my position, indeed anyone slavishly adhering to any such label is not really thinking about the world around them, because none of the labels have a complete set of answers, despite what their proponents will profess.
    I suspect that Petunia is now in a similar mindset, but seems troubled by being unable to fit the model of any one type. My advice is to stay unlabelled and address each issue against your own set of principles – you won’t fit neatly into anyone else’s box but your own, but that’s where you belong.

    As regards the events of Charlottesville, one group sought to hold an entirely legal and approved gathering to exercise their freedom of speech and assembly under their nation’s agreed constitution. Another group sought to disallow that. The fact that the event then descended into violence was quite predictable and, in this (rare) case, Trump was quite right to clarify that the resultant violence did not only come from one side.
    A key question is, what would have happened if the ‘antifa’ brigade had not turned up that day? Nothing would have happened, apart from a group, whose beliefs most of us don’t share, would then have been denied the oxygen of publicity and the recruiting-call which their opponents thus donated. It would have been a non-event in which Heather Heyer was not killed. So who killed Heather Heyer?
    Freedom of speech is really about tolerance, the ability to allow your equal to hold and express a view different from your own. How those views are, or are not, translated into policies and government action is a function of democracy – most ‘extreme’ views never survive that translation, for which we should all be profoundly grateful.
    Extreme views of themselves are not harmful, they’re a valid part of the complete picture, it’s just sticks & stones, but where it becomes harmful is when the holders of those views go outside the constitutional processes – the question from Charlottesville is who chose to go outside the processes?

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