There’s a telling interview with Jim Morrison from 1970 in which the Doors frontman reflects on the place of ‘nudity in Art’ following his…erm…’trouble’ in Miami, where he was alleged to have exposed himself on stage during a gig. ‘I think that nudity is really a cyclical phenomenon,’ he says. ‘It comes, it gets very liberal and extreme, then it goes back and reacts the other way and it just seems to be a cycle in entertainment…in the realm of art and theatre, I do think there should be complete freedom for the artist and performer.’ It’s a fascinating snapshot of one of the most literate and intelligent artists of that era before he succumbed to the self-indulgent excesses of the expectations placed upon him by an audience that desired a performing monkey to live out their vicarious fantasies. Morrison was speaking 20 years on from the persecutions of the McCarthy witch-hunts, but at a time when the worst crimes of the Cultural Revolution in China were still fresh in the minds of many. He recognised the importance of retaining artistic freedom in the face of inevitable pressure from philistine puritans with no understanding of the nuances that accompany the best Art has to offer.

Edward VI did it; Stalin did it; Mao did it; Pol Pot did it; the Taliban did it; ISIS did it; educated fleas may well have done it, but for now it is the Identitarian extremists of Black Lives Matter and their affiliated anarchists that have done it. The circumstances may differ, but the zealous, iconoclastic self-righteousness remains the same, along with the song. From the pathetic grovelling apologies of David Walliams and Matt Lucas – both of whom lost all lingering credibility or respect in an instant – to the hilariously humourless and oh-so sincere atonement video issued by white Hollywood ‘stars’ self-flagellating to save their careers, the gutless, capitulating cowardice of the established order cannot help but evoke historical throwbacks to the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings at the turn of the 50s. Everyone is too concerned with saving their own scared skin to stand up to the relentless bullying of the latest slogan to which we must all submit.

There may not be an official equivalent of the ‘Hollywood Blacklist’ today, but be in no doubt we are back in the Dark Ages that Jim Morrison only experienced the tail-end of in Miami; Morrison’s philosophical perspective on how genuine liberalism swings back and forth gave hope for the future, but he was fortunate to be at the vanguard of something that freed culture from the stranglehold of Puritanism for the best part of three decades. The notion that someone could once be condemned and cast out for something positive (and subsequently discarded) they had penned about Communism in a student rag 20 years before had rightly been regarded as ridiculous after the event, yet how is that any different from someone who created a character on a popular TV comedy series 20 years before now being forced to desperately beg for forgiveness that will never come?

A friend of a FB ‘friend’ in the wake of Leigh Francis’s deluded confessional the other week actually said in reply, ‘David Baddiel also needs to apologise for the same thing – and if he has apologised, maybe now is the time to do it again.’ Within that sentence is implicit the evidence that one apology isn’t enough, and who’s to say two will do? These people really believe they are liberal, free-thinking and in the right; they are utterly blind to the reality of their own prejudicial and illiberal attitudes to anyone who contradicts their worldview, and completely opposed to freedom of speech. The enemy must be punished, humiliated and forced to atone for their sins, end of – and even though he will never be entirely forgiven, we shall enjoy watching him suffer. The demands will become increasingly ludicrous if the authorities keep giving in to them and effectively endorsing purges, for the appetite of a fanatic is insatiable as they attempt to claim ownership of both the private and the public space. But to say this out loud is to get into bed with Tommy Robinson, and I’ve heard he has a habit of hogging the duvet, so sod that. And, of course, under the sun there is nothing new.

There was once a tried-and-trusted KGB method of destabilising the Soviet Union’s enemies by stealth, not through dropping bombs or even smearing nerve agents on doorknobs, but by infiltrating the public bodies, institutions and academia of a nation through neo-Marxist dogma masquerading as progressive liberal ideology. This long-term project could take 20 years or more to come to fruition, but by the time at least one generation had been indoctrinated, the instigators of the infiltration could sit back and watch society begin to destroy itself. Fill said generation with self-loathing, a hatred of their country and its history, and a desire to reduce it to cultural ashes; they would do the work for you. For many, this took root in the heady atmosphere of political turmoil that swept across Western Europe in 1968, giving birth to the likes of the Baader-Meinhof Gang at one end and a proliferation of Che Guevara T-shirts at the other; but anyone assuming it was a fashionable flash-in-the-pan that disappeared with the dissolution of the USSR needs to pause and ponder on the possibility it might have worked after all.

Whilst neither Putin nor lizards were necessarily involved, the 21st century equivalent of this operation was initially to divide men and women via Radical Feminism, though – despite intense efforts – it ultimately failed because at the end of the day the opposite sexes tend to be dependent on each other; then the intervention of Trans-activism threw a spanner in the works that continues to place women themselves in a state of crisis; dividing black and white seemed the easiest option – easy enough in a country with such a troubled racial history as the USA. And this one appears to really be working; we witnessed decades of progression towards colour blindness – decades that resulted in the election of a black President, lest we forget – yet the constant conditioning of being told one is a perpetually oppressed victim and that skin colour defines one’s identity above everything else (just like authentic white supremacists have been preaching for years, funnily enough) ensures the continuation of the division that numerous organisations require in order to stay in business.

Yes, there are cycles to this, just as Jim Morrison pointed out half-a-century ago; the pendulum swings to one extreme and then gradually swings back to a place in which we can actually all get along – though this frustratingly takes time. BLM have an advantage at the moment in that raising any doubts as to the wisdom of their demands can lead to one being instantly dismissed as a racist, just as those of us who doubted the wisdom of Operation Yewtree a decade ago were instantly dismissed as Paedos. And who’d relish being either a racist or a Paedo? Therefore, Premier League football can resume with Black Lives Matter printed on shirts and no one says a damn thing. They wouldn’t dare. Would anyone have protested if the Northern Ireland team had taken to the field with shirts advertising the IRA in the 1970s? Probably, though not in those parts of the UK where any dissent could result in a kneecapping. Already, there are signs of despair on social media over the defacing of the ‘wrong’ statues. Come on, children – did you really think they’d stop at all the ‘right’ ones?

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  1. I find it both sad and dispiriting that the liberal idealism which imbued by formative years in the 1960s has been so cynically hijacked and turned into a destructive force, rather than a positive one.

    That process has certainly been made easier by the brain-washed education of recent decades, which seems to have succeeded in eliminating the attractive power of free-thought, replacing it with group-think supplied by dark forces who are shy about identifying themselves.

    But indeed the most disturbing aspect is the fear that it induces amongst people with any profile, be that political or celebrity, compelling them to undergo the most risible moral gymnastics in a frantic effort to stay on the right side of the prevailing wind.

    It is telling that when a footballer, albeit an articulate and presentable one, reflects on his black mother’s single-parent struggle raising her family to induce a government U-turn, no-one dares to pose the obvious question of where the father(s) of those kids may be hiding and why he/they were not contributing to their maintenance, thus being the true root-cause of the unfortunate Ma Rashford’s dire situation. Their problem wasn’t one of unavoidable poverty, or state austerity, it was simply one of parental irresponsibility, but you’re apparently not allowed to flag that issue in relation to certain spheres or family types. Group-think wins again.

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    1. Indeed, the extremely important absent father issue doesn’t seem to fit into this particular narrative, but as the wider Identity Politics narrative mirrors the rigid doctrines of religion at its most inflexible worst, I guess that’s no surprise. I feel I have to write about this shit as I always feel compelled to write about emotive current events, though I am as sick of it as everyone else who has resisted indoctrination. I suppose Covid-19 provided time out for a bit, anyway, if nothing else.


  2. David Walliams was an English comedian, actor, writer, and reactionary-roader who was rightly purged during the 2020 Cultural Revolution. He was best known for his work with M*tt Lu*c*s on and now lives quietly in his home with a dog under permanent house arrest.

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