Scream SupermarketAh, technology. Where would the pandemic have been without it? Across the pond, the sinister clique that routinely reanimates the cadaver of Joe Biden and periodically wheels him out before the cameras of the subservient charlatans masquerading as journalists is hard at work. Sleepy Joe’s team are currently conspiring with their big tech paymasters to ensure anyone banned from one platform for spreading ‘misinformation’ – particularly of the coronavirus variety – will be banned from all of them; what constitutes misinformation, of course, is (in these oh-so polarised times) utterly subjective; one man’s truth is another man’s fake news and all that. But for judgement to be in the hands of the privileged few controlling the flow of media traffic, both social and mainstream – a cyber star-chamber to whom we have no right to reply – is an extremely worrying scenario where those antiquated freedoms involving speech, thought and expression are concerned. In today’s doublethink society, misinformation essentially translates as opinions those on the ‘right side of history’ disagree with – and they are the people with the power to cancel any dissenting voices far more effectively than any fanatical serial censors starting another petition.

Barely a year ago, for example, to air the theory that Covid-19 might actually have emanated from a Chinese lab was enough to guarantee instant dismissal from YouTube, Facebook or Twitter; now it is an acceptable mainstream opinion – though many who spread the word before were banished for daring to express it and remain so. Hell, it’s almost as if this de-platforming thing is just being used as a convenient means of silencing voices our online lords and masters don’t want us to hear. If only certain governments of the past had thought of similarly ‘robust enforcement strategies’ (to quote Biden’s press secretary), eh? The previously-mentioned declaration of the increasingly unhinged Woke dictator posing as the New Zealand PM springs to mind – the one whereby Jacinda Ardern last week essentially told the people of her nation to dismiss any online information not endorsed by her; ignorance is strength, as someone once said.

Over here, those dim enough to have signed the Faustian pact of the Covid NHS app are finding that their every outdoor move being tracked and traced is rather limiting their freedom – fancy that! According to the most recent stats, 530,125 ‘alerts’ have been sent to users so far this month, ordering them to immediately self-isolate for 10 days; they tend to receive them if they’ve been anywhere that all the other Smombies signed-up to the app have congregated at; and the app knows where you’ve been and where you are because you voluntarily handed that info over. Hey, it’s like a mobile HAL! What is being called a ‘pingdemic’ is adding yet another layer of crisis to the hospitality industry in its struggle to recover from lockdown; restaurant, café, and bar staff are being randomly targeted by the ping of the app, forced to drop everything and hide away for a fortnight – in many cases leaving owners of such businesses with little choice but to close their doors once again when they’ve barely reopened them.

The ‘Staycation’ summer holiday boom envisaged as the saviour of under-fire seaside resorts is being severely threatened by the ‘pingdemic’ – Cornwall alone received over 4,000 ping commandments in the first week of July, right at the point when the county was expecting the influx of tourists to begin. And it goes without saying the accuracy of the NHS app cannot be questioned; after all, it’s not as though the Government has a track record of useless tech, is it? But at least naming the app in honour of the beloved national religion was as inspired a move as naming a nihilistic political movement after a valid statement few would dispute. Criticism of the NHS app could be perceived as criticism of the NHS, and that would be perilously close to heresy.

Interestingly, both the PM and Chancellor of the Exchequer have been pinged after coming into contact with Sajid Javid, yet after initially announcing they wouldn’t be self-isolating in the work environment following the Health Secretary’s coronavirus infection, criticism forced them into a U-turn and now they are. Funnily enough, Javid picked up the Chinese lurgy on a meet-and-greet visit to a care home, those Covid breeding grounds apparently ring-fenced for protection by Javid’s illustrious predecessor.

Boris and Sunak’s initial decision to evade the punishment crippling the rest of the workforce echoes the waiving of quarantine rules to accommodate UEFA and FIFA bigwigs flown in from no-go corners of the globe to enjoy the prawn cocktail privileges at Wembley Stadium last weekend. The contrast between their elevated luxury cocoon and the ticketless drunken hordes storming the venue down below is a microcosm of the two-tier Covid society; the fact that the hooligan minority were in such a state by the time the Euros final kicked-off was helped by the virtual all-day sale of alcohol in London, yet who can blame beleaguered pub businesses trying to maximise profits after being pushed to the brink of extinction by first lockdown and then post-lockdown restrictions? On the eve of ‘Freedom Day’, the crowds at Wembley and Wimbledon will be added to by a full house at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix today, no doubt providing the doom-mongers with fresh evidence for their Ides of March prophesy the day before unshackling.

At the same time, a curious trend has been reported this week, one that suggests the European nations with the largest vaccination intake have all experienced a fresh upsurge of Covid cases whilst the 15 lowest vaccinated countries haven’t. In short, those with the highest level of vaccinations also now have the highest level of infections; weird innit. Cyprus has the highest case count per capita in the world, yet prior to the latest wave had already given the majority of its population the jab; Malta has the Western world’s highest rate of vaccinations, yet the infection rate has shot up since the rollout. Israel decided to investigate and its findings were that Israelis whose only immunity came from vaccination were more likely to be infected than those who had been previously infected and had developed a natural immunity to the virus. Perhaps the misleading daily roll-call of cases as opposed to deaths – which are rapidly diminishing – should cease forthwith; all it seems to do is intensify panic and continue to vindicate the advice of advisors shortly to be rendered redundant.

Indeed, a seemingly renegade SAGE associate has thrown a spanner in the narrative works by rubbishing claims of face coverings as effective coronavirus protection. Dr Colin Axon, an expert in the field of ventilation, says masks are little more than comfort blankets that do next-to-nothing to reduce the spread of Covid particles. According to Dr Axon, the official cloth masks contain holes that cannot be seen by the naked eye but are apparently 500,000 times bigger than yer average Covid particle. This unwelcome opinion was published just as supermarkets appear set to recommend their customers continue to shop in masks (even if they can no longer legally demand it of them) and the Government’s own ‘Freedom Day’ guidance agrees – as does London Mayor Sadiq Khan when it comes to the Tube. My own personal feeling is that most people – at least to begin with – will indeed continue to mask-up in Sainsbury’s. I certainly don’t think we’ll be back to where we were last year before masks became mandatory; twelve months of forced face-covering will have left too strong a legacy of fear to persuade every shopper to add their mask to the latest fatberg.

For a man with a track record of changing his mind at the eleventh hour, one hopes Boris sticks to his guns and doesn’t abruptly cancel tomorrow. The Project Fear apocalypse we were promised when we exited the EU has now been rescheduled for 19 July – according to some online sources, anyway. Ah, technology. Where would the pandemic have been without it?

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  1. I have always been suspicious of the mask claims, after all you can still smell a fart through a pair of jeans.

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  2. Very perceptive points. I believe there’s far more people who now wish to go back to work and their pre-lockdown routines. Unfortunately there’s also a large number who are well and truly entranced by government decrees, even in the face of politicians flouting the rules they’ve imposed upon everyone else.

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    1. There’s undoubtedly a small section of society that’s done alright out of the pandemic, in the same way some were once said to have had ‘a good war’, though most people, of course, don’t have the luxury of being able to call for constant lockdowns from gated communities in North London or write Guardian columns on the subject. I read today schools have closed their doors early for the summer now; education for all but those who can pay the highest fees has effectively been cancelled over the past year or so, and that could well be one more generation simply written-off as a consequence. And there are some who want this state of affairs to continue indefinitely. The mind fair boggles…

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  3. The Israeli research has just revealed what is always the case with any virus, that immunity only ever comes from natural infection, not vaccination. As it is the double-vaxxed who are becoming infected, it would be interesting to know if they themselves are the ‘super-spreaders’. If so, how would that affect the insurance of venues such as Wembley, Wimbledon and Silverstone demanding a ‘vaccination certification’ on the now infamous NHS app, or evidence of a recent negative ‘Covid’ test?

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  4. As this whole sorry episode plays out, it may eventually become clear that all the lockdowns, masks, restrictions and economic apocalypse have merely delayed the inevitable course of the virus through the population, sorting out the weakest on its way, which is what viruses always do, always have, always will.

    Governments the world over will have unintentionally reaffirmed the fundamental truth in King Canute’s futile demonstration of tide control, proving that, with all the advanced knowledge and technology they can master, natural forces will always have their way.

    Bit like natural climate-change cycles, some would say . . . . .

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  5. Poor Canute suffers from bad press. He did the tide trick in order to demonstrate that even a King could not hold back nature. As happens at present, a hostile press and “friends” can choose to be blind to irony.
    Plus ca change…..
    And talking of bad press – My wife, and others, believe the BBC and the rest. For the sake of domestic harmony I do not argue.
    Sometimes she asks what I am reading on line. I tell her – Riots in France and S. Africa, lockdown protest marches in London, mass murder and kidnapping of girls in Nigeria, Sleepy Joe’s boo-boos, etc. It is all news to her, so to speak, because the Beeb is concentrating on some approved news or on some trivial celebrity fluff or heroic NHS synchronised dancing.
    I never mention jabbed people dying. Or the lunacy of getting young people jabbed.
    She thinks I live in a fantasy bubble.

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    1. I’ve recently been re-watching a decade-old YT series of mine called ‘Exposure’ before uploading it to my Patreon channel, and what struck me more than anything when viewing it again after several years was how much I was defending the BBC in it. Then I gradually realised how all my defence was based on what the BBC used to be rather than what it was already in the process of becoming ten years ago; it’s a bit like finally giving up on a beloved band after admitting at last that their last few albums suck and you stuck with them beyond their shelf-life out of simple blind loyalty. My belated realisation of what was happening with our national broadcaster was like the scene in that 80s movie ‘They Live’, where the lead character dons the special sunglasses for the first time and sees the world as it really is. Once you’ve seen it that way, you can never go back.


  6. The Megascam ‘Coronavirus Megalab’, that you may have heard of, recently opened in the former Wolseley Plumb Center distribution depot, sited on a trading estate about a mile south of Leamington Spa rail station. The building still looks like a warehouse, as a ‘medical lab’ somewhat makeshift in appearance. Unsurprisingly therefore, Warwickshire Council went overboard during the Spring with testing propaganda on the side of buses, on advertising billboards, on canvas banners and even on phone booths, as the local economy is tied into keeping the scam going. Notwithstanding that, the county council even now has its own travelling circus of a few gazebos offering walk-in, quick result, ‘Covid’ testing, from different town centre locations, e.g, the Market Place in Warwick itself outside the county council’s head office. Presumably anyone who tests ‘positive’ is then provided with a hazmat suit to walk home safely in order to self isolate, or is that not how it works? At any rate, here is more info on the ‘Coronavirus Megalab’. Click on that phrase within this blog post and it will bring you to the original .gov document. https://warwickshirefreedom.wordpress.com/2021/03/03/security-state/

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