Anyone wondering where the current chaos may carry us and what possible future awaits the most comfortable, safe and secure society in the largely uncomfortable, unsafe and insecure history of western civilisation needs look no further than CHAZ. A twisted 21st century take on the 1871 Paris Commune, CHAZ stands for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone; God’s gift to the privileged desperately seeking a struggle, it rose from the ashes of the rioting that swept across America following the viral video of the George Floyd killing. This no-go area is a neighbourhood in Seattle covering six blocks and has been reborn as the blueprint for the Identitarian Utopia, whereby everyone stays in their designated lanes, and a society is segregated along racial, sexual and gender lines; it’s Identity Politics apartheid transferred from the Woke drawing board to the streets of a major American city.

In what sounds chillingly like a real-life replay of ‘Assault on Precinct 13’, Seattle police abandoned their station in the east precinct and left locals to their own devices as Antifa and their affiliated anarchists seized control. CHAZ is a lawless Wild West Dystopia with makeshift barricades keeping out unwelcome visitors that are patrolled by armed militia. Reports of what’s happening behind those barricades evoke descriptions of the towns that fell to ISIS in Syria – well, that and a mix of Waco and Jonestown with a dash of ‘Lord of the Flies’. The community has essentially been endorsed by both the State Governor and the Mayor of Seattle – both Democrats, unsurprisingly – and the official PR is of a ‘safe space’ on an unprecedented scale, a peaceful illegal occupation; I guess if your definition of peaceful is community policing via self-appointed armed security guards making up the rules as they go along, then CHAZ is the place to be. And as we’ve already had one toxic strain of Americana successfully imported to Blighty, maybe CHAZ is the way forward for town planning in the UK.

All those who observed lockdown rules for the greater good and sacrificed personal freedoms – those who were divided from friends and family for months and became house-bound because they were repeatedly informed deviating from the advice would lead to the NHS being swamped with coronavirus casualties and would turn hospitals into morgues – have had to stay indoors and stay alert whilst watching thousands of others then disregard all social distancing guidelines to congregate in public spaces. Adherents to the lockdown couldn’t go to the pub or cinema or meet in numbers exceeding half-a-dozen, but protestors were given carte blanche to spurn the rules governing ordinary social interaction because they had a superior moral cause, one that would allow them to deface, destroy and desecrate the surroundings they marched through whilst the same police force who harassed and hassled law-abiding observers of the pandemic manual stood back and knelt down before them. Is it any wonder the Law looks like one hell of an ass to millions of people right now?

Angela Rayner decries the online airing of a video apparently capturing the weekend’s gruesome knife attack and murder of three people in Reading; rightly so – who the hell would want to watch, let alone add to the trauma of those who knew or were related to the murdered? Yet, is that Rayner’s motive? Maybe the killer – a Libyan national, by all accounts – was the ‘wrong’ kind of killer (just like the girls scarred for life by grooming gangs in Rotherham were the ‘wrong’ kind of victims), thus adding an additional layer of unpleasantness to the video. Of course, the George Floyd video was on a virtual loop for weeks, becoming the Instagram generation’s equivalent of the Zapruder Footage; no problem with that one being repeatedly screened because it enforced the narrative and served as justification for the exploiters and manipulators of genuine grievances and authentic fears to hijack them, absorbing them into an agenda that has become a sponge for every campus cause hotwired into the world beyond the gates of academia via abundant MSM mouthpieces.

All pressing issues have been claimed by ‘the movement’ that operates under a variety of brands; but it matters not if this week’s chosen slogan is Black Lives Matter or Extinction Rebellion, for the aims are the same. The rights of those this movement claims to be fighting on behalf of are little more than a convenient smokescreen to obscure the actual intention, a facade to dupe and deceive the well-meaning; after all, who with half-a-brain would condone racism or the destruction of the planet? These are contemporary concerns that have been cannily copyrighted and owned by the movement so that any opposition to it can be instantly deflected back at the opponent. Not particularly keen on your culture or history being torn down before your eyes? Obviously, that makes you a racist. The movement hasn’t selected its patsies randomly. Had just one footballer in the resurrected Premier League refused to wear BLM on his shirt or said out loud that taking the knee was a humiliating, submissive, virtue-signalling gesture that had nothing to do with attempts to eradicate genuine racism would have seen his career collapse quicker than you can say free transfer. When emotional blackmail makes the optional compulsory, you know you’re not in the realm of reason.

It’s a clever ploy to suppress debate and to brand anyone daring to raise their head above the parapet as a ‘right-wing extremist’; and if they still won’t shut up after being called a nasty name, the trolls are released and the online campaign continues until they are silenced. However, just in case Twitter doesn’t deliver, the movement can depend upon the cynical endorsement of bandwagon-jumping corporations that profit from modern-day slavery effectively cancelling said ‘right-wing extremist’ because being on the right side of history will ensure their shareholders can ride the post-lockdown economic storm. Google, YouTube and Facebook – as with all other companies, public bodies and institutions – are in the hands of the movement, anyway, so they’re not going to let the side down.

The movement’s wealthy white manipulators continue to play the race card as their ace, yet any ‘person of colour’ who has actually expressed a dislike of white ‘liberals’ patronising them and speaking on their behalf are regarded as traitors to their race, effective Uncle Toms. Being non-white is supposed to be a collective experience, is it not? Groupthink rules, OK, and People of Colour must all share the same viewpoint and politics, whether your roots are in the West Indies, West Africa, the Subcontinent or the Deep South. You’re all the same, right, you coloured folks? Adhere to the narrative and we white folks will pat you on the head for being good little victims as we add you to our trophy cabinet of oppressed minorities. Don’t get ideas above your station, such as becoming Home Secretary, for God’s sake. That buggers everything up.

Be under no illusions. We all want peace on earth and so on, but this isn’t it; this is a power-grab by charlatans posing as freedom-fighters; if they believed in freedom, that would also encompass thought and speech; but it doesn’t. Anyone who knows history knows what happens when authorities leave their posts and the mob move in to fill the vacuum; it happened during the Terror and it happened during the Cultural Revolution; relics of the old society are symbolically destroyed because the new society cannot get a foothold when surrounded by reminders of what is being lost. People might then actually regret losing them. Anyway, as for national monuments, Jake Thackray once highlighted how you can make much more inventive use of them…

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