Former member of a previous cyber squad goes it alone shock, and founds an open forum for debate – an exciting new concept which might just catch on, albeit probably not within the hallowed walls of our universities in the 21st century.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I only tracked you down last week. No clues left at the old inn which claimed to be shut for refurbishment but now seems to have the bailiffs in.
    Have been reading your archive in proper order. Thank you for the articles – interesting and thought provoking as ever, with a leavening of humour.
    What of the Monk and The Moor? Are they in limbo?
    You and your good commentors have a good New Year and much success


  2. Taken a while to find the new gaff, needed a little indirect help from J King but made it eventually.
    Good luck with it – past posts elsewhere suggest there’ll be a growing audience and some lively debate.


    1. The 14 most recent episodes of the series are available to watch on my Patreon channel, with the original 28 to follow over the coming months. The link to Patreon is included with all recent posts. At just a fiver a month to subscribe, it’s cheaper than Netflix!


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